This wiki page has information on best practices for SMART boards and projectors. All information may not be applicable to every classroom.

SMART Interactive White Boards (SB680 series, SB685ix)
All SMART Boards MUST be registered to ensure hardware warranty AND acquire Notebook software permanent license.
Click for directions:Notebook software registration.pdf

If you need a product key, but the board has already been registered. Go to this link and put in the board's serial # SB-680-R2-XXXXXX
Multiple installations of Notebook software 10 are supported with the registration of one SMART product

For complete installation with SMART Notebook .and SMART Product Drivers version 10.6, select operating system and click link below:

SMART Notebook Software for Windows

SMART Notebook Software for MAC

The **Lesson Activity Toolkit** is automatically included in the download of the Notebook software, however in the case that it didn't install, click here for link to download.

Lesson Activity Toolkit Quick Reference Guide Lesson Activity Toolkit.pdf

Keep your software updated

To update or upgrade SMART Notebook software

  1. Open any SMART software program.
  2. Click Help > Check for Updates.
  3. Click the Update button beside SMART Notebook.
    SMART Notebook software updates automatically.
Mac step sheet- SMART firmware update (mac).pdf

PC > My Computer > Program Files > SMART Technologies folder > Based on the Version of Notebook software will determine next step > a. Version 10.8 is the latest go to Educational Software folder > SMART firmware.exe (run wizard) b. any version earlier than 10.8, go to Product Drivers folder > SMART firmware.exe (run wizard). Must use USB cable connection for this update.


DO NOT ALLOW HEAVY OR SHARP OBJECTS (ie. tables, chairs, music stands, podiums, etc.) to be placed near SMART Boards
DO NOT HANG, TIE, TAPE, OR WRAP ANY CORDS, CABLES, OR OBJECTS on the SMART Boards and/or attached speakers.

SMART Board Accessories:

Bluetooth USB adapters must be marked in permanent marker with room # with SMART Board for which it was pre-paired (matched).
All SMART Board connecting cables, bluetooth adapter, remote, pen tools and eraser should be kept in a secure place and available for use in the room by others.
A suggestion for the SMART board remote is to attach it to the board with velcro.

Cleaning and Maintenance instructions provided by SMART.

SMART cleaning and maintanance.pdf

Getting the Best Image Quality on Your SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard
To get the best possible display image from a SMART Board interactive whiteboard, confirm the following:
  • The aspect ratio of the SMART Board interactive whiteboard and display device (such as a projector) are the same.
  • The display resolution output from the computer matches the native display resolution of the display device (such as a projector).
  • The display resolution output from the computer is appropriate for the aspect ratio of the display device (such as a projector).

Click here for more information on resolution and aspect ratio.

Troubleshooting and Tips

top technical tips.pdf

A Feature Comparison Between Microsoft® Windows® and Mac OS Releases

NB 10 Mac vs Windows.pdf

SMART Board Wiki Resources for Sessions- Getting Started, SMART Board Basics, Engaging Activites

All in One 685xi SMART Boards with projectors:
Shut down attached projector if not in use for 20 minutes or more. There is also a sleep mode to conserve bulb life. has excellent information and support for SMART boards.

Fix for Flash problems:

    1. Quit SMART Notebook and all browsers (Safari, Firefox, etc…)
    2. Remove these 2 files ( flashplayer.xpt, Flash Player.plugin ) under:/Library/Internet Plug-Ins/
    3. Download the following package:
    4. By Extracting this zip file, it will have a folder contain the different release of the Flash plugin.
    5. Simply drag these 2 files into the directory /Library/Internet Plug-Ins/ and Notebook interactive items should be back in business.


The projectors have been professionally aligned with the Smart boards. Do not rotate, push or tamper with projectors or mounts. At least one designated person in each building should be trained to adjust the projectors with the proper tool, if the image becomes misaligned.

Image can be affected when computers are switched.You can adjust the screen resolution/display settings of the computer and the aspect ratio of the projector as needed through the remote control. HS classrooms may need the tuner box turned off if the projector continues to "search for component" and doesn’t connect the laptop. This is a Projector problem, not a SMART board issue. Turn the projector on first and then the laptop; you may have to reboot computer.

Complete and submit the online district repair form to report any technical problems.