Best Practices in Technology for the Cape Henlopen School District - Do not delete.

This is a developing wiki with guidelines and policy set to establish and maintain optimal performance of technology throughout the district for instructional purposes and streamline recommendations and procedures for purchases. Current state contract must be used for all purchases. Questions and/or comments may be directed to Richard Davis and/ or Lori Roe. Any and all exceptions and/or deviations to these procedures must have prior approval of business director, Oliver Gumbs.
Check back frequently for updated information.

State references:
Delaware Department of Information and Technology
Delaware Center for Educational Technology
Delaware Office of Management and Budget(View State Contracts)
State Contract Bid - Vendor Group Lookup

Technology Terms/Glossary
Reference to technology related terms used throughout this document may be accessed through the following websites.

Instructional Technology
TLS (Transparant LAN )